Tips on Storing Melanotan 2 tanning injections

When people buy melanotan II based tanning injections, they should keep in mind that these products are supposed to be stored in a right way. Ironically, if these are not stored the right way, the ingredients within the same would be found out very much unstable and when you reconstitute the same it will not turn out to be an effective option. This is the reason; you need to know the way of storing MT2 tanning injections. As we all know that Melanotan II simply works by expediting the natural tanning process, which is called as the melanogenesis. This simply involves interacting with the skin cells of your body called as melanocytes.

The concept of Melanotan 2 simply works by expediting up the natural tanning procedure called as melanogenesis. This simply involves interacting with body’s skin cells – Melanocytes, which then renders the skin cells the capability to produce more amount of melanin, which is considered to be body’s natural pigment. By increasing the speed of this process, your skin becomes capable of producing an all over body tan at much quicker and smarter rate, which in turn is protects the skin a lot more than the ones achieved with the traditional method using sunlight. Also, you can witness a couple of side effects during the trails, which comes in the form of loss of appetite, mild nausea, men suffering from penile erection issues. As per one of the studies carried out in the US, the use of MT2 can bring in this problem, which comes in the form of erectile dysfunction. Now, let’s get back to our original topic, i.e. focus on the tips and ideas about Storing Melanotan 2 tanning injections as under:

Store the unused MT2 inside freezer

The moment you buy melanotan II in the form of powder and bring it at your home, the vials, which do not mix it with bacteriostatic water, make sure you immediately place the same inside the freezer. The reasons are obvious, you can easily preserve the same and help in keeping it for longer durations, which means it can last for several months before it starts to degrade.

Store in thick box/bag

While placing the same into your freezer, make sure the unused vials are kept inside thick kind of box or bg. This can help you in preventing the light from entering inside the vials whenever the freezer door is opened up and speeding up the process, which causes the powder to become unusable.

Once you make the Melanotan 2 solution with the help of water in order to create the tanning melanotan injections don’t forget to store the same inside the refrigerator. Again, you would find it useful option from preventing the same into degrading too quickly. But do keep in mind that once the solution is being made, it has to be stored inside the refrigerator for a couple of weeks instead of several months inside the freezer.

Keeping in mind these tips can help you in securing your Nasal spray melanotan or MT2 injections. Get the best one from the site –

Tips on Storing Melanotan 2 tanning injections

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